Thoughts, Words, and Deeds for a Bad Day


Keep in Mind:

1) No matter how bad today is, it will pass

2) No matter how bad today is, it could be worse

3) No matter how bad today is, it is better than the hell my sins deserve

Repeat Often:

Deo Gratias! I am being privileged with a portion of the Cross of Christ – and Jesus is with me!

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who-have recourse to Thee! Our Lady will no more abandon me than She left Jesus alone on Calvary.

To suffer or to die! This vale of tears, this cursed world, this life that is no life, promises nothing but misery until the Cross triumphs in our particular Judgement and God deems us worthy of Heaven.

Labor Manfully:

Offer to others the joy and consolation you crave — you will benefit from the blessings God gives them through you.

Adhere tenaciously to your daily schedule, do all your duties faithfully, and keep busy about Our Father’s business.

Wait it out — your worst day until today is now over; your worst year before this year has passed; every day ends, including the worst day you can imagine: the worst day possible is the unimaginable horror of being judged damned.

– Don’t give up…the fulfillment of your hope waits for you in Heaven!