The Light of the Resurrection by Father Stephen

The Light of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus is His Power given to us that illuminates the dark pains of His Sufferings and Death on Good Friday. Our Lord’s Sufferings and Death, – Jesus revealed, – (Lk.24:26) were for His own and our humanity “necessary to enter into His Glory.” The sufferings and pains, physical and psychological, you and I find in daily living, – illuminated by the Grace of Christ, – are powers given to us, if we accept them: the Power of God in us, “that conquers the world: evil, sin and death,” leading you and me to reign with Christ in Glory, the Light of our Resurrection, – The Risen Jesus, -shining for us: to overcome with courage all tribulations, present and coming. The Light of Christ is our Good News, we are not helpless in facing evil down.