Sermon for October 7, 2012

 Dear Parishioners,

In the 1970s the Democratic party adopted abortion on demand as a part of its official platform. At that time many Catholics left the party for good. Since then the party has only disintegrated. For the past four years we have heard it repeated over and over that the Republicans in Congress refuse to work with the Democrats. For example, not one Republican voted for Obama care. But the simple fact is that one cannot cooperate with evil, and that the agenda of the Democratic Party has become so extreme that no congressman or senator of good morals could in good conscience lend participation to such mayhem. Having watched the Republican convention this summer, I was impressed with the good values of so many of the rising members of the Republican party. (This is not an endorsement.) By contrast, I did not watch the Democratic convention because I knew that the platform had become so radical that I did not want to fill my mind with such ideas. But where do the Democrats stand these days? Our phantom writer provides the following commentary:

1. The Democrat Party (DP) has forced Government Controlled Health Care down the throats of the American people. Let us not forget how this vile law was passed after the Dem had already lost their majority in congress, and how they, led by Nancy Pelosi, paraded around with that ridiculous gavel, rubbing the unpopular passage in our faces.

2. The DP has added Homosexual Marriage to their official party platform. Any person of sense and character knows that marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman.

3. The DP champions Abortion. Aside from the obvious cruelty to children, the practice of abortion flies in the face of God. God will not bless our nation while we still allow the murder of innocents.

4. The DP supports and encourages Gun Control, despite the guarantees of the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States of the America. They have forgotten that the second amendment exists to protect American citizens from government tyranny. If the Dems get their way, there will be nothing to stop government from suppressing all of our God-given liberties.

5. The DP has promulgated Religious Suppression against Christians and Jews and the values that these religions espouse. The only religion encouraged by the Dems seems to be Islam. Case in point, they eschewed Christian benediction at the Democrat convention, for an hours-long Islamic prayer session.

6. The DP stands for Racial Division, seeking to pit every ethnic group against one another. Their party seems unable to treat American citizenship as a distinct nationality, which it is.

7. The DP supports a Diminished Military, as evidenced by their relentless cuts to our National Defense. They pay lip service to our noble fighting personnel, while cutting their numbers, reducing vitally needed equipment, and changing the military’s role from that of fighting forces, to that of government social workers.

8. The DP supports Open Borders, so that any person from any country can enter our country without regard for our laws and without government pre-screening of immigrants to ensure their law-abiding status and their potential contribution to our nation.

9. The DP is Anti-Business, as evidenced by their seizure of such businesses as Chrysler, General Motors and their seizure of the entire student loan business.

10. The DP supports Uncontrolled government Borrowing. Currently, the United States government borrows 40% of every dollar that it spends, thus devaluing the money that we all work so hard to earn.

11. The DP supports Uncontrolled Government Spending, as evidenced by our sixteen-trillion dollar national debt. It is clear that they have no fiscal prudence, nor any concern that their philosophy has driven America into bankruptcy.

12. Lastly, the DP is the party of Welfare and Food Stamps. Their policies have led to the unemployment of over 23 million Americans, and a large percentage of those people have no other choice than to join the roles of government largesse receivers. This leads Americans into the dependency mentality which will destroy our national will.