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Sermon for the16th Sunday after Pentecost – September 9, 2018 by Monsignor Patrick Perez

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
Father began the sermon by reciting the Hail Mary.
Yesterday was Our Lady’s birthday to which there is an octave attached, which means we spiritually celebrate her birthday for eight days; so today we are still celebrating her birthday. Thanks be to God we can do something special for that.
I have three things to talk about today, three different things – not three long sermons, just three little things that people thought I should comment on or give some sort of words to. The first point is obviously this business that was revealed by Archbishop Viganò and people have asked me to comment on that. I’m not going to make explicit comments on that kind of thing. We know the story that very, very, very bad priests and bishops and cardinals and even popes have been doing terrible things for years and years and years and covering up for each other. And along comes Archbishop  Viganò, who is no slouch. Archbishop Viganò is a very important figure and I’ll tell you why. First he was the papal nuncio to the United States from the Vatican.
Now let me tell you what that is. The papal nuncio is the ambassador to this country from the Vatican, okay? In terms of power the nuncios are third in line to the pope. In terms of doctrine for example, you have the pope; the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and then everything else. That’s the hierarchy in terms of the Faith and the religious aspect. In terms of power of the Church it’s the pope, secretary of state and the nuncios. The nuncios have all the files on everybody in the clergy and everything in the country that they are dealing with and he was the one to the United States. And finally, he couldn’t hold his piece anymore and he wrote a letter, gave it to the National Catholic Register a couple of weeks ago and said, these people have all been covering up and the pope knew about it and in fact, was one of the ones covering up for them.
The only comment I want to make on that is a lot of us wring our hands and ask how could these evil people do these things, right? They’re supposed to be men of God. Well, the Church was infiltrated a long time ago, not only by Freemasons who are Satanists but by explicit Satanists. All you have to do is look at the nature of what these people have done for decades in the Church. They came in, they infiltrated and what they’ve done to these young people it is explicitly Satanic. If one of us goes wayward and we sin, yes, sin is evil but we do not do these sick things. That’s more than evil, that’s more than wayward. I mean that’s more than perversion. This is absolutely blatantly Satanic, and look how their mastermind has planned this.
First of all, it undermines the credibility of the Catholic Church, when, within the Catholic Church, is the one place you should be. We have salvation which nobody else has. So the first thing the devil wants to do is discredit us so people say, well, I’m not going there! Look at that Catholic Church – it’s all full of these bad people! We’re not going to go there! Secondly, connected to that, to discredit the priesthood because without a priest you don’t have the sacraments and you don’t have a church and you don’t have salvation; so discredit the priests. A priest is somebody they should be coming to and somebody who people should approach to ask for help and advice; now they’re saying, well, we know about you priests. You’re all in the news and we know what you do! But also on another level, to completely and utterly destroy the souls that these people like McCarrick are preying on. That is the most tragic thing you can possibly imagine.
You know these boys looked up to the priests and look what happened. For most of you, especially the more impressionable minds, I represent the Catholic Church for you. When you think of the Catholic Church you think maybe of a lot of things but certainly you think of me because I’m your direct line here; I’m the one you see all the time, I’m the priest that you know. Well, in that sense then, if I do something really horrible and scandalous then I have scandalized the Church and scandalized you, and when it’s something so horrible as what they did, you ruin their souls and their minds and put them off the path of salvation very often forever, because who would want to go back to church and see another priest when it was a priest who treated them so evilly.
That’s my first comment. This confirms that Viganò is not going away; he is not going away and the pope is going to have to eventually resign or something over this because he can’t tell everybody else they have to be up front and resign and not do so himself. But it was prophetic; the week before the Viganò thing broke I was on a radio program and the host said, How is it the pope doesn’t put these people in their place and get rid of them? I said, He’s one of them, he’s covering for them. And my word to you here in all these things is pray, pray, pray for what we have here because without it, it would be very hard for you. You know people say, oh, well, they have the traditional Mass in the diocese. That IS the diocese, that IS part of the satanic institution that has usurped the Catholic Church. I don’t care if they have a traditional Mass here or there in the diocese. It’s still the diocese; it’s still part of what has been infiltrated by Freemasonry. In fact, close to home here, Viganò said look at what happened with McCarrick. Pope Benedict removed him, removed his powers, put him under house arrest in Italy and then Pope Francis, (because he talked with Viganò, he knew what McCarrick had done in his past) he rehabilitated him. Not only did he take away all censures, but he made him his right-hand man and listened to all his advice about who to appoint as bishops, cardinals and things in this country.
All this was payback for Cardinal McCarrick for his buddies who had done favors for him. The new bishop of San Diego is one of the McCarrick appointees. Now how do we know this is unusual? Every diocese has a current list, a dossier of three priests who can be bishops of there or somewhere else. It’s called the ternary, required by Canon Law. Every diocese has one. And when they need to get another bishop they look through the ternaries and they go, well, okay, this one looks qualified; let’s make him a bishop. Well these people who McCarrick appointed were on no ternary. They weren’t anywhere on these ternaries. They came out of nowhere to be appointed, and some of them were appointed to Sees which are cardinatial Sees. So you get a red hat if you’re appointed there. That’s how we know there’s something very, very wrong going on here and Viganò pointed that out too. So that was the first point.

The second point related actually, but a different topic is something you should know about just to watch its development. We all know the story of Fatima, the three children, and that Sister Lucy was the one who lived the longest until the end. Now this notion came out years ago but it was still just one of those little notions about that Sister Lucy had been replaced by somebody else, okay? Most of you have heard this for a long time. Now mind you, I love a certain amount of intrigue and conspiracy stories but I’m not one of these green-men-chasing – you know, there’s UFOs, and, I was abducted, kind of people. So I decided well, whatever about that, and I have other things to do. But the only reason I’m bringing it up today is someone I know who I’ve been with several times and he’s a scholar, is Dr. Peter Chojnowski. I’ve spoken with him at conferences; he was a professor in major universities. He is no slouch and he is not somebody that was abducted either who talks about little green men putting electric Q-tips in his ears or something like that, whatever they’re saying.
He has started a scientific and serious investigation into this. There is going to be a full report on this which is going to blow things out of the water for the Satanists because they’re involved in this too. He started a full investigation using scientific methods. Just for example, one of his scientific methods is facial recognition software for computers. Now for those of you who don’t know, using a little camera on your computer you can take a picture of somebody’s face and you can recognize them anywhere. Even though you have people who say, oh, yeah, he’s your double, he is not your double. His chin will be a little bit different or something like that, whatever it is – there are differences. Facial recognition software can tell it’s you anywhere you go.
A good example and an awakening for me was some ten years back. London is the most camera’d city in the world and a woman went missing. Using the facial recognition software of the day (which was ancient compared to what they have now) they followed her from the time she left her apartment all day long and they found out where she went missing, everywhere in the city that she went. So all they need is a picture of you to scan it with their computer and they know – it’s like scanning your fingerprint.
So the first thing he did was to apply that, scanning twenty-five hundred pictures of Sister Lucy going through time. The sister that appeared around 1967 is not Sister Lucy; absolutely hands down period is no longer Sister Lucy. And you look at it, if you looked at the pictures you might go well maybe she had her teeth fixed and got a nose job or whatever. But think about it – nuns don’t really do that. It’s like the Lord told me I need cosmetic surgery. Maybe that happens with some of us but it doesn’t happen to nuns. (Monsignor laughing) And any way you look at it, she had wretched teeth, the real Sister Lucy and then all of a sudden she has these perfect denture-like type of teeth. The real Sister Lucy did not have dentures, she didn’t have any of that. So that’s the first thing. Facial recognition software says it is not the same person.
Secondly, this is astounding. When they publish this stuff, there are photos of Paul VI’s visit to Portugal in 1967, okay? Then they published books and photos at the time of Sister Lucy (the fake Sister Lucy) looking brilliant and smiling and being with Paul VI. The problem is now they found the original photos. No Sister Lucy in them, not the real or the fake one. There isn’t one. You know, I could tell you to stand a certain way, (Monsignor demonstrating) stand like this, okay? So I’ll do it again. Stand like this. You know if you take an exact picture of that they’re not the same. My hand could have been either up or down, people behind me (which there are in the picture) would move somewhere. They are exact photos, only with Sister Lucy cut and pasted, just cut outs. And they also show the original photos where they got the fake Sister Lucy photos from, cut them out and put them in with Paul VI. I can’t say any conclusion. I just have to say that it’s tied in with the satanic thing. And the reason why I think that is, a statement has come out posthumously in a book made by the late great Father Gabriele Amorth, the chief exorcist of Rome for a zillion years. He did I don’t know, hundreds of exorcisms.
Padre Pio told him in 1960 that part of the third secret of Fatima was that the Church would be infiltrated and replaced by a satanic version of the Church, that it would be infiltrated and the new group would be an institution that was formerly dedicated to Satan, as we see in Father Malachi Martin’s fictional works but are supposed to be partly true. So this ties in. Why did they want to get rid of Sister Lucy? Because she could say, Well wait a minute. Here’s what the third secret actually said. So she just disappeared. Now did the Satanists kill her? Did she die and they just decided to pull out somebody else who would say the consecration had been done? I don’t know.
Third point is about the Sabbath. Today’s reading is about the Sabbath. The first thing I want to point out is, the Church celebrates the Sabbath as if it were on Sunday. Now biblically going back to the Law of Moses, it was Saturday. Saturday was the last day of the week of creation, on which Our Lord rested. Now the reason I want to mention it is because you have nut cases, evil nut cases like Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh-day Adventist’s in general and they go, well you people are all wrong because the Sabbath is Saturday and you say the Sabbath is Sunday. And in a way we do and in a way we don’t. The word Sabbath or in Hebrew Shabbat means rest, okay, that’s all it means. It’s the day of rest. Now the apostles changed the day of rest to what we call the Lord’s Day, the Dies Dominica in Latin. Dies Dominica, what does that sound like? Domingo, that’s where it comes from, the Lord’s Day. But they did that because so many things happened on Sunday. Our Lord rose from the dead on a Sunday, Pentecost was on a Sunday, all these things from the early Church, that they changed the day of rest using their apostolic authority. I love it when these people come to the door and they go, Well you Catholics, you know, —– you celebrate it on the wrong day —- and things like that. And I said yeah but the apostles changed that in the 1st Century. Oh but they can’t do something like that. And I go well where does it say that and they say it says right here in the Bible that the Sabbath is a Saturday. And I go okay well do you believe the Bible is the inspired word of God? And they go, YES! It is the inspired word of God. And I say well how do you know that. And they go because it says it is. So I say, if I write a book no matter how spurious and weird and I put in it this is the word of God, then it is? Oh, well, no. What it comes down to is the Bible is only considered the inspired word of God because the Catholic Church using its infallibility, the power that Christ gave them, declared it to be the inspired word of God using His power and authority.
In that same way the Sabbath, the day of the Lord, was transferred, to Sunday from the Saturday. Enough of that part of it. I think it’s one of the most ignored commandments in a way. You know Padre Pio himself said – and this was in his day – that observance of the day of the Lord had become so bad that he used to go to his home town and organize games, football games and things like that to divert the people from doing things they shouldn’t be doing on the Sabbath. We need to take the Sabbath seriously.
I’m going to conclude with how we should look at it from the point of view of a saint and somebody who is up for canonization. The first is St. John Vianney, the second is Father Leonard Goffine whose cause has been introduced for canonization. There’s a way we should look at the Sabbath and I’ll just give you a couple of quotes in a second. But it is the day of rest but it is a day that we should do something special, especially teach our children that the Sabbath, Sunday, is a special day. Have a special dinner, you could cook it ahead on Saturday and heat it up or just have pizza or something like that, with a candle in the middle of it, but something special for the Sabbath. Teach the children that this is a day that is not like the other six days of the week. Discourage things like any kind of working too much. Now I should add to this too, there are things that have been traditionally considered okay, like restaurant workers and things like that, that’s always been considered not a violation of the Sabbath because people have to eat, they have to have hotels, you have to have police and fire departments.
Anyway, here’s what I want to say. I’ll just do one because I think St. John Vianney makes this shorter and says it really well. Now think about this and pray for the Lord to let the Holy Ghost let the spirit of observation of the Sabbath into our minds and souls that we can properly observe this. Because a lot of times we’re more worried about well can I do this? Can I go that far? How much of this can I do before it passes high venial and goes into lower mortal, you know? But that’s not the way we should be thinking. Here’s the way we should be thinking and I like St. John Vianney’s way of putting it.
“Sunday is the property of our good God; it is His own day, the Lord’s day. He made all the days of the week: He might have kept them all; He has given you six, and has reserved only the seventh for Himself. What right have you to meddle with what does not belong to you? You know very well that stolen goods never bring any profit. Nor will the day that you steal from Our Lord profit you either. I know two very certain ways of becoming poor: they are working on Sunday and taking other people’s property.”
In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Posted on September 13, 2018 at 6:13 pm


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  1. Excellent Sermon, Msgr. Perez, Excellent!!!

    Comment by Christine Frontino on September 13, 2018 at 8:48 pm

  2. Thank you very much- Deo Gratias !!!

    Comment by Regina Serra on September 28, 2018 at 4:25 pm

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