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Tuesday, March 02 2021

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"Archbishop Viganò's letter to President Trump"

"Viganò: Vatican II Marked The Beginning of a False, Parallel Church"

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Sermon for the Second Sunday after Pentecost – June 14, 2020 by Monsignor Perez

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
My dear faithful, it’s providential but it’s almost funny to me because I have this sermon on St. Philomena that I want to give but every week there is some major thing that I have to discuss instead of St. Philomena, so St. Philomena is waiting patiently for me to talk about her. In the meantime, ask for her intersession but we’ll get to that.
What I’m going to talk about today is mostly to just read part of this letter. Archbishop Viganò has come out with another letter. The only reason I am taking time with it on Sunday is because I am sure a lot of you have not been following what he has been saying. But the letter this week which is dated the 9th of June is absolutely monumental. It’s monumental and I’ll tell you why. Now for those of you who don’t know – most of you do – but Archbishop Viganò was a Vatican Diplomat. Really, he was an archbishop, not a cardinal per se, but really the diplomats are ones involved in running the Church at a very high level. It’s a very, very exalted position in the Church. You really have to be somebody in the system to get up as high as Vatican Diplomat. He was the Vatican Ambassador to the United States. He has his finger on the pulse of things both in politics and in the Church, and he knows well what is going on.
What is monumental about this – and when I read part of this letter you’re going to say, as people who have been fighting for the Latin Mass and attending the Traditional Mass, this Mass – this is the Mass of all time of the Church, not the thing that’s in parishes, okay? This is the Mass of the Church. This has been the Mass for the past two thousand years. Those of you who have been au courant of the situation as they say, up to date, you won’t find any of what he says new at all, except the fact of who’s saying it! Now the first thing that struck me about it is, he has arrived at a realization that we’ve had, (most of us in this parish), for forty years or more. He is just arriving at these conclusions. However this is God’s providence. Why am I not an archbishop? Well, God didn’t want me to be an archbishop in the first place (Monsignor laughing) but besides the fact that God doesn’t want me to be an archbishop, I’m not an archbishop because I found out about this stuff years ago and opened my mouth about it, and so I’m not going anywhere in the Church because I spoke the truth. It’s only a miracle probably because of your prayers who didn’t even know me yet, that I’m even a priest and here. That’s the way God works, right?
But Archbishop Viganò must be in his seventies, maybe he is even eighty – I don’t know. I can’t tell from the picture so much that I have of him. I’ll have to look up his bio. But anyway, the miracle is that he is realizing this now because he would not have been a Vatican Diplomat Archbishop if he realized it earlier. So he has to be forgiven this because that was part of God’s plan. But what he has come out with this week – now understand — this is an archbishop in the modern Church, an exalted person. What he has come out with for these people like the pope and the people running the dioceses, like the diocese of Orange, the archdiocese of L.A., all these other people, this is a bombshell for them. Why? Not that they didn’t know what was going on. They’re all freemasons and the brotherhood. They know what’s going on; they’ve been planning it for decades if not more. That’s not what the bombshell is. The bombshell is that somebody important is saying this and other people will find him credible and they will say, Wow, well in light of current events where our parishes abandoned us and the New Order priests were hunkering in their bunkers and wouldn’t even give us the sacraments, this makes sense in light of that.
So I’m not going to add a whole lot to it – I’m not going to read the whole letter. The letter is referenced on our OLHC web site [also at the bottom of this page]; where there is a link to it. I suggest you go back and read it. But the context, the part I’m not going to read so much, is that of another person who is sort of getting it – but not as fast as Viganò, is Bishop Athanasius Schneider. He’s bishop in Kazakhstan that was a former Soviet Republic. Archbishop Viganò is referencing and building on, in fact going way beyond what Bishop Schneider said previously in his letter.
Let me cut to the chase here:  Like I said, I’m starting in the middle of it because I want to get to the good part for you — “….And when in the course of history various heresies spread, the Church always intervened promptly to condemn them, as happened at the time of the Synod of Pistoia in 1786”. (Now just a little commentary on this – every council in the Church, virtually every council in the Church except Vatican II was called because there was a heresy going on and the Church had to deal with it and so they call a council, they make clear statements of what it is that the Church dogma is on the topic and then they move on. So the Synod of Pistoia had a number of things going on at the time and he said) ….”which was in some way anticipatory of Vatican II” – because there were people, not the Church Church but people like Protestants but within the Church ….”had abolished Communion outside of Mass, introduced the vernacular tongue, abolished the prayers of the Canon said submissa voce; (so you know when you don’t hear me during the Canon, there were people in the Church who did away with that) ….”But even more so when it theorized about the basis of episcopal collegiality, reducing the primacy of the pope to a mere ministerial function which was anticipatory of Vatican II. (So the Council of Pistoia, just setting the stage here, condemned everything that Vatican II has done in the new liturgy basically and said it is extremely non-Catholic so you can’t do it. And then at Vatican II they said, Oh, it’s all great again.) ….”Re-reading the acts of that Synod leaves us amazed at the literal formulation of the same errors that we find later, in increased form, in the Second Vatican Council presided over by John XXIII and Paul VI. On the other hand, just as the Truth comes from God, so error is fed by and feeds on the Adversary,” (meaning the devil) …”who hates the Church of Christ and her heart: The Holy Mass and the Most Holy Eucharist.” (So understand what we have here is the battle for your soul because that’s what Satan wants, the battle between the devil and God and what the devil hates most are the Holy Mass and the Most Holy Eucharist, okay? That’s why we have the Novus Ordo Missae, the new Mass that’s in every parish in the diocese and every diocese around the world. That is a conquest of the adversary.)
(Now, he makes a confession of sorts in here, what he did before; how he was unaware, how he comes to this realization now and so here –) ….“There comes a moment in our life when, through the disposition of Providence, we are faced with a decisive choice for the future of the Church and for our eternal salvation.” (Meaning each one of us, not just him.) ….”I speak of the choice between understanding the error into which practically all of us have fallen…” (He is speaking from the Novus Ordo side) ….”almost always without evil intentions, and wanting to continue to look the other way or justify ourselves.
We have also committed the error, among others, of considering our interlocutors as people who, despite the difference of their ideas and their faith, were still motivated by good intentions and who would be willing to correct their errors if they could open up to our Faith. Together with numerous Council Fathers, we thought of ecumenism as a process…” (Ecumenism, you all know what that is. That’s let all the religions get together and be buddy-buddy, okay? In fact, the former bishop of Orange County was the head of ecumenism for the U.S. bishops just to show you how local this thing gets. It was Tod Brown. ….”Together with numerous Council Fathers, we thought of ecumenism as a process, an invitation that calls dissidents to the one Church of Christ, idolaters and pagans to the one True God, and the Jewish people to the promised Messiah. But from the moment it was theorized in the conciliar commissions, ecumenism was configured in a way that was in direct opposition to the doctrine previously expressed by the Magisterium of the Church.
We have thought that certain excesses (This is in the past until he got “woke” as they say.) ….”were only an exaggeration of those who allowed themselves to be swept up in enthusiasm for novelty; we sincerely believed that seeing John Paul II surrounded by charmers-healers, Buddhist monks, imams, rabbis, protestant pastors and other heretics gave proof of the Church’s ability to summon people together in order to ask God for peace, while the authoritative example of this action initiated a deviant succession of pantheons that were more or less official, even to the point of seeing Bishops carrying the unclean idol of the Pachamama on their shoulders, sacrilegiously concealed under the pretext of being a representation of sacred motherhood.
But if the image of an infernal divinity was able to enter into Saint Peter’s, this is part of the crescendo which the other side foresaw from the beginning. Numerous practicing Catholics, and perhaps also a majority of Catholic clergy, are today convinced that the Catholic Faith is no longer necessary for eternal salvation; (and when he says perhaps a majority, a vast majority of them. Find me one priest or bishop in the United States – California. Let’s take California: that will affirm the doctrine that outside of the Catholic Church you cannot be saved. Find me one. And if they won’t affirm it, it reveals what we already know that they are heretics. They may be worse than heretics. Maybe I am insulting heretics by saying that these people would be heretics because they’re worse. Okay, heretics maybe don’t know any different. Of course John Paul 2 wasn’t a step better when it came to ecumenism.  He has his big ecumenical picnic in Assisi where he installed a statue of Buddha above the tabernacle on the main altar.  Subsequently, you remember, there was a major earthquake there which pretty much destroyed the church.  We got it, but John Paul never did. ….”they believe that the One and Triune God revealed to our fathers is the same as the god (with a small “g”) of Mohammed. Already twenty years ago we heard this repeated from pulpits and episcopal cathedrae, but recently we hear it being affirmed with emphasis even from the highest Throne.
(Monsignor skipping further) ….”There can be no brotherhood except in Christ, and only in Christ and only in Christ:  Qui non est mecum, contra me est.” (Who is not with me is against me.)
….”It is disconcerting that few people are aware of this race towards the abyss (off the cliff) ….”and that few realize the responsibility of the highest levels of the Church in supporting these anti-Christian ideologies,” (highest level, pope, cardinals, all the bishops, yadda yadda) ….”As if the Church’s leaders want to guarantee that they have a place and a role on the bandwagon of aligned thought. And it is surprising that people persist in not wanting to investigate the root causes of the present crisis, limiting themselves to deploring the present excesses as if they were not the logical and inevitable consequence of a plan orchestrated decades ago.” (These are the people who say, Oh, my parish they don’t like it sometimes because they just have abuses in the Mass – they’re not talking about Traditional parishes. They’re talking about the Novus Ordo. Oh, they have abuses, you know. I just hate it when Sister Daisy in spandex gives out Communion because I don’t like it. Well, that’s not the root cause. That’s a symptom, okay? And this is what he is saying. It’s surprising how many people and it’s a lot of them, will be unhappy with what’s on the surface without looking to see or admitting what the cause is.) ….”If the Pachamama could be adored in a church, we owe it to Dignitatis Humanae. If we have a liturgy that is Protestantized and at times even paganized, (That’s the new Masses in all the parishes of the world. Interesting to hear him say that – an Archbishop of the Catholic Church saying the New Mass is Protestant) ….”we owe it to the revolutionary action of Msgr. Annibale Bugnini and to the post-conciliar reforms. If the Abu Dhabi Declaration was signed, we owe it to Nostra Aetate. If we have come to the point of delegating decisions to the Bishops’ Conferences — even in grave violation of the Concordat, as happened in Italy – we owe it to collegiality, and to its updated version, synodality. Thanks to synodality, we found ourselves with Amoris Laetitia having to look for a way to prevent what was obvious to everyone from appearing: that this document, prepared by an impressive organizational machine, intended to legitimize Communion for the divorced and cohabiting, just as Querida Amazonia will be used to legitimize women priests (as in the recent case of an “episcopal vicaress” in Freiburg) and the abolition of Sacred Celibacy. The Prelates who sent the Dubia to Francis, in my opinion, demonstrated the same pious ingenuousness: (Meaning they were naïve) …”thinking that Bergoglio, (Pope Francis)  when confronted with the reasonably argued contestation of the error, would understand, correct the heterodox points, and ask for forgiveness. (Obviously he didn’t do that; he completely ignored them and a couple of them have already passed away. So many things here, that they elected Bergoglio because they needed someone who would finish the revolution for them. You know, they say that John Paul 2 has been canonized and things like that. Well sit down for this, he’s no more “Saint” John Paul 2 than the man in the moon. It doesn’t matter that the pope went through the motions of doing it, they proclaimed him “saint” which he certainly is not, solely to canonize Vatican 2.
….”The Council was used to legitimize the most aberrant (The Council meaning Vatican II) ….” doctrinal deviations, the most daring liturgical innovations, and the most unscrupulous abuses, all while Authority (pope) ….” remained silent. This Council was so exalted that it was presented as the only legitimate reference for Catholics, clergy, and bishops, obscuring and connoting with a sense of contempt the doctrine that the Church had always authoritatively taught, and prohibiting the perennial liturgy that for millennia had nourished the faith of an uninterrupted line of faithful, martyrs, and saints. Among other things, this Council has proven to be the only one that has caused so many interpretative problems and so many contradictions with respect to the preceding Magisterium, while there is not one other council – from the Council of Jerusalem (which was you know in the 1st Century) …”to Vatican I – that does not harmonize perfectly with the entire Magisterium or that needs so much interpretation. 
            I confess it with serenity and without controversy: I was one of the many people who, despite many perplexities and fears which today have proven to be absolutely legitimate, trusted the authority of the Hierarchy with unconditional obedience. In reality, I think that many people, including myself, did not initially consider the possibility that there could be a conflict between obedience to an order of the Hierarchy and fidelity to the Church herself. (So this is it now. He is saying, I had to make a decision. Now do I be faithful to the hierarchy of the Church, the pope, the bishops or do I be faithful to God and the Church. And this is the choice you all have to make. I can’t tell you during this “crisis” we’ve been having, I don’t even know what to call it; just “crisis”, “stupidity”, the latest thing of “mass stupidity” we’ve undergone and suffered from, how many calls I’ve gotten and the person says, well, I’ve been to your parish once or I want to go there but my priest – or, I called them and my friends, and they tell me you’re not obedient to the pope. And I’m saying, yeah, it’s a good thing I’m not obedient to the pope because you wouldn’t have Mass here; you wouldn’t have the sacraments. I’d be worshiping idols in the Church and running around in you know, flowing gowns and doing liturgical dances (Monsignor laughing – that would be something to see now that I think about it – Oh!!! What a thought!!!) We are not obedient to this pope. I’m obedient to the Magisterium, to the popes of all time who were in line with the Church but this one, no. No one can be obedient to this pope unless you want to lose your soul and help other people lose their souls, okay?)
….” What made tangible this unnatural, indeed I would even say perverse, separation between the Hierarchy and the Church, between obedience and fidelity, was certainly this most recent Pontificate. 
            In the Room of Tears (There is a room next to where the pope is elected in the Sistine Chapel, it’s called the Room of Tears because once the pope accepts the election and goes in there, there is no going back to his private life or anything that he had before. It’s called the Room of Tears) ….” adjacent to the Sistine Chapel, while Msgr. Guido Marini prepared the white rocchetto, mozzetta, and stole for the first appearance of the “newly elected” Pope, (That’s what every pope who comes out for the first time, he is wearing something like a surplice, this beautiful stole and a shoulder cape kind of thing, not his other white habit but a special one that he appears in at first after his election.) ….” Bergoglio exclaimed: “Sono finite le carnevalate! [The carnivals are over!], (referring to the way the popes have always accepted to dress after election was part of a carnival, like the clowns, call in the clowns, right? ….” scornfully refusing the insignia that all the Popes up until then had humbly accepted as the distinguishing garb of the Vicar of Christ. But those words contained truth, even if it was spoken involuntarily:
(Now, like I said, I’m not going to read the whole thing. I just want to read one more thing, the bombshell of this that everybody needs to hear and to use and to repeat and understand.)
….”it is undeniable that from Vatican II onwards a parallel church was built, (What you see, the diocese, the bishops, that is the parallel church; that’s not the Catholic Church.) ….”It is undeniable that from Vatican II onwards a parallel church was built, superimposed over and diametrically opposed to the true Church of Christ. This parallel church progressively obscured the divine institution founded by Our Lord in order to replace it with a spurious entity, corresponding to the desired universal religion that was first theorized by Free Masonry.”
So the Church is pretty much run by the Freemasons. Just a little story, when I was in the seminary, I was the only one crazy enough to drive in Rome, so when someone had to go to Rome I would be asked to drive them. And one of my friends, Count Neri Capponi, had a palace there, and he was Traditional, and he says when you go the various papal offices and you want to amuse yourself, (and he showed me the secret masonic handshake) he said, Do that, and see what happens! So as I went about my business, I tried the secret handshake and everyone returned it to me. It was just amazing – so that’s what’s going on here. And you must understand that Bergoglio is one of them and when he ceases following the marching orders, his way will be paved for retirement.
(So I just want to skip to his last paragraph.) ….”Last Sunday, the Church celebrated the Most Holy Trinity, and in the Breviary it offers us the recitation of the Athanasian Creed. (Look up the Athanasian Creed sometime on line, just a gorgeous Creed. We only do it a couple of times a year in the breviary, however, he says) ….”and in the Breviary it offers us the recitation of the Athanasian Creed, now outlawed by the conciliar liturgy (It’s not in the new liturgy or new breviary anywhere for good reason. This is why.) ….”and already reduced to only two occasions in the liturgical reform of 1962. The first words of that now-disappeared Creed remain inscribed in letters of gold: “Quicumque vult salvus esse, ante omnia opus est ut teneat Catholicam fidem; quam nisi quisque integram inviolatamque servaverit, absque dubio in aeternum peribit – Whosoever wishes to be saved, before all things it is necessary that he hold the Catholic faith; For unless a person shall have kept this faith whole and inviolate, without doubt he shall eternally perish.” (Certainly words the modern Church does not want to be seen or heard speaking or have anybody else know about, but therein is the essence.
So my dear friends look this up if you can do website links. Click on it and read it in its’ entirety. It is an absolute bombshell. I do promise St. Philomena will reemerge one time soon, but this is something that is necessary for all of you to know especially if you have come from a local modern parish of the diocese or whatever, or even if it’s a parish that has the Traditional Mass in it, but the other Masses are the modernist creation, the Novus Ordo. You need to know, that isn’t the Catholic Church; that is the parallel church that is opposed to Christ which Archbishop Viganò speaks of so monumentally in this letter.
In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. 
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