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Friday, February 26 2021

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Sermon for the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary – December 8, 2019 by Father Paul A. Norton




Vera Madre son Io d’un Dio che è Figlio

e son figlia di Lui, benché sua Madre;

ab aeterno nacqu’Egli ed è mio Figlio,

in tempo Io nacqui e pur gli sono Madre.

Egli è mio creator ed è mio Figlio,

son Io sua creatura e gli son Madre;

fu prodigo divin l’esser mio Figlio

un Dio eterno, e Me d’aver per Madre.

L’esser quasi è comun tra Madre e Figlio

perché l’esser dal Figlio ebbe la Madre,

e l’esser dalla Madre ebbe anche il Figlio.

Or, se l’esser dal Figlio ebbe la Madre,

o s’ha da dir che fu macchiato il Figlio,

o senza macchia s’ha da dir la Madre.



I am the true Mother of a God who is Son,

And I am his daughter, although his Mother I am;

He was born from eternity, and is my Son,

I was born within time, and yet I am his Mother.

He is my creator, and is my Son,

I am his creation, and his mother;

It was a divine marvel that my Son

Was an eternal God, who had Me as his Mother.

Our being is almost shared between Mother and


Because the Mother received her existence from

her Son,

And the Son also received his existence from his


If, then, the Son received his existence from

his Mother,

We either must say that the Son was stained by

the Mother,

Or we must say that the Mother is without stain.


Usually I begin my sermons with an important

idea that synthetizes the content of the homily.

Sometimes this idea comes from the liturgy of

the day, sometimes from the particular folklore

of certain collectivities, sometimes from the

universal culture and sometimes from the

writings of the Saints.

Today I started this sermon in a very different

way. Could you guess whom I quoted? A Saint?

Well, the author is certainly a spiritual

person. A famous person? He is without doubt

very famous and powerful. A great theologian?

Well, he knows a lot about theology, because

what he knows he received directly from the

source. A figure of universal history? Yes, he

is capable of leading the execution of a plan

throughout history. Believe it or not, I just

started this sermon quoting the Devil.

But why could I do such a thing? For two

reasons: 1) Because the paragraphs I quoted

essentially contain theologically correct

statements and 2) Because of the marvelous way

in which they were composed.


One of my teachers of Sacred Scriptures used to

say: “It’s not enough just to memorize verses of

the bible to be a good Christian, because even

Satan knows well how to quote verses of the

Sacred Scriptures when it suits his plans” and

that becomes clear if we analyze the way in

which Satan tempted Christ and the way in which

his children “prowl around like a roaring lion”

knocking at the doors trying to convert even

Catholics to their sects: All this through the

citation of verses of the Sacred Scriptures.

Anyhow, returning to the mentioned text, it has

an interesting history I will tell you now:

It was the year 1823. The devil had possessed an

illiterate 12-year-old boy, who lived in what is

today the Italian province of Avellino, near

Naples in southern Italy. Two Dominican priests

who were in the city, Fr. Gassiti and Fr.

Pignataro, were both authorized by the bishop to

perform exorcisms.

The priests asked the demon that was possessing

the boy a series of questions, among them, one

about the Immaculate Conception.


The devil admitted that the Virgin of Nazareth

had never been under his power: not even at the

first instant of her life, because she was

conceived “full of grace” and fully belonging to


Although he may be the “father of lies,” the

devil can be forced to tell the truth during an

exorcism, even in matters of faith. This was how

the two exorcists forced him to pay homage to

the Virgin and praise her Immaculate Conception,

in verse.

Humiliated, the devil was coerced, in the name

of Christ, to sing the glory of Mary, and he did

so by means of a perfect sonnet in Italian.

Last year I talked extensively about the

Immaculate Conception in the writings of the

Theologians, and about the direct message of Our

Lady in Lourdes and Fatima in this regard,

that’s why today I only want to mention that,

because She was crowned by Her Divine Son as the

Universal Queen, the underworld is also obliged

to pay homage to Her.


“Who is she that comes forth as the morning

rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun,

terrible as an army set in battle array?”1

Yes, the Immaculate Conception of Mary Most Holy

is perhaps the biggest evident sign of the

beginning of the defeat of Satan. Right from Her

conception She began the crushing of the

Serpent’s Head with her humility and through the

merits of Her Son.

The importance of the merits of Christ in the

preservation of Our Lady seems to be indicated

in the liturgy of today, especially in the

Introit of the Mass, which says: “I will

heartily rejoice in the Lord, in my God is the

joy of my soul; for He has clothed me with a

robe of salvation, and wrapped me in a mantle of

justice”. Christ clothed Our Lady in Grace and

Justice and elevated Her above all the angels,

which seems a slap to Satan even greater than

that of the Incarnation, due to the solely human

nature of Our Lady.

Our faith in the Immaculate Conception of Mary

required a clarification from the Church

1 Canticle of Canticles 6:9


precisely because it is a truth fully revealed

only through the intervention of the Holy Ghost

who made manifest the Will of God through the

dogmatic definition of the Church, that’s why

many theologians couldn’t specify with total

certainty the authenticity of such a great

mysterious affirmation. Even a great mind like

the one of St. Thomas Aquinas needed the

assistance of Grace to reach such an elevated


Anyway, I would like to finish this short sermon

by saying something practical: As the Celestial

Court confesses together with us the Glorious

Immaculate Conception of Mary, hell is also

forced to confess that truth (as I mentioned

before), but not only hell, also the living

enemies of Christ that work against Him on this

earth confess in word and deeds that their

rejection of Mary Immaculately conceived is what

puts them in the miserable state in which they

are, and one clear example of this state is

feminism: I’m convinced that, due to the

rejection of Mary Most Holy is why Feminism was

born in countries with a protestant majority.


May the Feast we celebrate today be a continuous

remembrance for us to imitate the virtues of

Mary in the pursuit of our destiny having always

present these words of St. Therese of Lisieux:

“The world is thy ship, not thy home”.

Posted on December 11, 2019 at 7:52 pm

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