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Sermon for the 24th and Last Sunday after Pentecost – November 25, 2018 by Monsignor Patrick Perez

Msgr. Patrick Perez
November 25, 2018
24th Sunday after Pentecost

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
Father began the sermon by reciting the Hail Mary.

My dear faithful, as usual near the last Sunday of the liturgical year, we have two very ominous gospels dealing with the end times and various aspects thereof. The gospels are slightly different; the second begins the liturgical year next Sunday, which is the First Sunday of Advent. I’d like to say a few words about these because events have been going on which I think the reading at this particular time would be beneficial to expound upon, maybe give more meaning to it in light of current events.

Our Lord starts out this gospel with “When you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: (he that readeth, let him understand:)” – so the “abomination of desolation” has always been kind of a confusing term. People go, well what’s the abomination of desolation? Is it something that was back in Our Lord’s time? Is it something that’s now? Well, I think it’s very relevant to our current day and age, especially with things that have been happening I guess, since Vatican II and even since last week, believe it or not!

Now what is the abomination of desolation? If you look at the commentary by the Fathers of the Church, St. Eusebius, St. Jerome, Photius, they wrote commentaries on Holy Scripture and their universal interpretation of this is quite interesting. The abomination of desolation had two meanings; the first was the profanations of the temple that was in Our Lord’s time. However, the abomination of desolation will be more completely fulfilled by the anti-Christ and his precursors when they shall attempt to abolish the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Now you can take that to mean abolish the celebration of the Traditional Mass because the Novus Ordo Mass simply does not count as far as I’m concerned when we talk about the Mass.

So, the anti-Christ and his precursors will attempt to abolish the Holy Sacrifice of the Traditional Mass and that is the abomination of desolation. Sts. Eusebius and Jerome write, “The churches shall lament with great lamentations, because there shall neither be made oblations nor incense, nor worship grateful to God…. In those days, the liturgy shall be neglected, the solemnity shall cease, the reciting of Scripture shall not be heard.” The Prophet Daniel calculates the reign of the anti-Christ, from the time that the Daily Sacrifice will be taken away (which by the commentators is understood the Sacrifice of the Mass which the anti-Christ will endeavor to suppress). The abomination is also translated as the “abominable desolation”. So, either the “abomination of desolation” or the “abominable desolation”.

Now why is it particularly timely that this comes in? This is because of some recent news events coming out of Rome. There is a traditional Catholic journalist who lives in Italy and she made comment about something the Conference of Italian Bishops had done last week. Her name is Hilary White, just so she gets proper credit for these things. She has been living in Italy trying to find the “permitted” Masses (she is still kind of “indulty”, she doesn’t quite get it yet but she’s pretty sharp). She was having a horrible time finding an indult Mass and she writes this commentary saying, “Traditionalists are treated by the Italian clergy and hierarchy like people with a contagious mental disease.” Well some of you can relate. (Monsignor laughing) Probably some of our own family has treated us like that! Anyway, she had to move from the town where lived – interesting enough she was living in Norcia. Norcia is the birthplace of St. Benedict and the Basilica of St. Benedict in Norcia was destroyed by God in an earthquake a couple of years ago, just as the Basilica of St. Francis was destroyed by God in an earthquake a few years before that – and they still don’t get it. Hilary White was lamenting how hard it was to find a Mass. Even more so than here because we have more bishops than Italy does so we have probably as many wacky ones, but theirs are at the heart of things, the heart of the revolution, and they are dead set against traditionalism and against the Traditional Mass. So when Pope Benedict XVI came out with his Summorum Pontificum, telling people to go ahead and have the Traditional Mass if you want, a few more popped up in Italy. She said there were five Indult Masses listed in her directory and three of them weren’t there anymore. So she was having an awfully hard time finding one.

The important thing to learn from this really, is that the Italian hierarchy, the bishops, are probably the most anti-Traditional Mass of any single body in the world of Bishops Conferences. Also, there is something behind that too because Pope Francis has taken the Italian Bishops Conference under his wing in particular, as his spokespeople, replacing the key figures in the Italian Bishops’ Conference with, as she calls it, his toadies, his guys who will just do whatever he says to do.

With that before you, what happened last week? Well, the Italian Bishops Conference got together and what did they do? They started discussing “just out of the blue” (!) of course, randomly discussing how the pope needs to make a statement abrogating the Traditional Latin Mass. “Abrogating” meaning to say it’s not legitimate anymore and you have no right to go to it – effectively the first step to suppressing it worldwide, abomination of desolation here we come. So they discussed this. Remember I have discussed with you before the notion that was presented to us through a prophecy of Padre Pio who told Father Gabriel Amorth that very soon the Church would be usurped by a false church dedicated to Satan and that we could know these people by their acts – horrible crimes committed by their priests that are purely satanic acts and that kind of thing.

The key figure, Archbishop Redaelli, Bishop of Gorizia – he’s a canonist, you see. He has his degree in Canon Law from a pontifical university and he stood up at the Bishops Conference and said, “Well, we all know that the Missal of John XXIII, the Traditional Mass, was abrogated by Paul VI – which is not what Pope Benedict said – he said it hadn’t been abrogated. He goes on …and so Pope Benedict made a little mistake and we need to ask the pope to fix this little mistake and declare that it’s abrogated and suppress it finally once and for all. Now the way things work in Rome, this didn’t come from Bishop Redaelli, this came from the pope. I’m not saying that I know for sure it came from the pope, but I would bet money, I would bet Krueger Rands on the notion that the pope put a bee in his bonnet and said, you guys start discussing this as a ground swell movement among the bishops to declare once and for all that we are moving on from that bad Traditional Mass and that it needs to be suppressed formally which unfortunately, he would say, the popes until now have not done.

Interestingly enough, this Archbishop Redaelli of Gorizia, made the news fairly recently because one of his priests complained that in this priest’s parish there was a Boy Scout group, the leader of which happened be in a civil same sex union. So this priest complained that he should not be the head of the Catholic Boy Scouts in his parish …. And the bishop fired the priest. He did not fire the Boy Scout leader, instead he fired the priest. This is the kind of person we are dealing with.

Redaelli’s canonical opinion is that Benedict made a mistake when he said everything was all right, and now it has to be suppressed. Now I’m looking down the road. I just want to alert you because we’re talking about the abomination of desolation. If this comes to pass, this is the beginning of the abomination of desolation. The first part of it will be abrogating the Mass officially and the second part will be suppressing it. When they try to suppress it, that will be the abomination of desolation according to the Fathers of the Church. So I want you to see what’s coming down the road. The way it works in Rome is the pope puts a bee in a bonnet and pretends that the bishops have this ground swell to get rid of the Traditional Mass and then later on he says, okay, I’ll do it. But this takes a couple of years. So we’re looking maybe two years down the line – and the other reason for delay is they want to wait out Pope Benedict until he dies and he can’t say well, no, I know what I was talking about. You can’t suppress it, etc.

So they are working on that. He was seconded by somebody named Girardi who is the Rector of the Pastoral Institute of Liturgy of St. Justine of Padua and that’s where all the latest liturgical garbage comes from. Also one other bishop stood up, Bishop Brambilla of Novara and he also struck a harsh blow against the motu proprio.

This is what is coming down the line but the interesting thing from scripture today though, is the further interpretation of it. And I’m saying this because you really need to pray for us here at Our Lady Help of Christians; you need to do everything you can to promote us here. Typically organizations of our sort usually are destroyed from within and it’s because of grumbling and murmuring and talking about this one, talking about that one, criticizing the priest. You’ve got to be really careful of that kind of thing. And so do I. I criticize my own priests sometimes too and then I shut up and realize okay, maybe I shouldn’t do that. But we have to be very careful about that. And why particularly careful my friends? Because interestingly, when this comes about there won’t be any more Fraternity of St. Peter Masses, there won’t be any more diocesan Traditional Masses. There will be SSPX if they don’t join with Rome and we just pray they don’t and probably with this kind of stuff going on, even they have enough brains not to do that, I would hope. But there won’t be any more diocesan celebrations of the Traditional Mass. They will all be suppressed.

Take as an example the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate who the pope made to stop saying the Traditional Mass. The Order of  the largest number of religious in the world with over half of their priests saying the Traditional Mass and the pope suppressed it just as one of the cobblestones on his way to suppressing the whole thing.

Finally, I want to say another thing that occurs in Scripture today to leave you with a good thought. It’s something that’s not only misunderstood but it’s misinterpreted and mistranslated in other Bibles.*
So there is a line in there, “Wheresoever the body shall be, there shall the eagles also be gathered together”. And you go, What? That’s okay; we’re not Fathers of the Church. We can read them to see what they had to say and we don’t have to figure it out. But it’s interesting because the other Bibles used in Catholic Churches, the New American Bible which is the translation of the King James version and these other ones – they say Where the corpse is there shall the buzzards be. No, no, no – an eagle is not a buzzard and vice versa and a body doesn’t always mean a corpse. And what the Fathers of the Church say about this passage is that it means the eagle represents those who have eyes to see. Remember Our Lord says, Those who have eyes to see – because what are eagles known for? (Oh, he has vision like an eagle, right?) So the eagles represent those who have eyes to see. Wheresoever the body shall be – the Body of Christ, not the corpse. Imagine if you translate wherever the corpse is there the buzzards are going to be, missing the point of, Those who have eyes to see will be wherever the body of Christ is after the abomination of desolation. We just pray fervently that we are spared to be one of those places where the eagles gather.

So I commend that to your prayer on this the last Sunday of the liturgical year because – I’m not one of those people who is saying you know, go get your blessed grapes and brandy right today or something like that because the world’s going to end. (At least you’ll have something to eat when the world ends. Monsignor laughing) What I’m saying is I don’t think it’s going to happen tomorrow but these are the events. You know Our Lord also says at the end of this He says, “And from the fig tree learn a parable. When the branch thereof is now tender and leaves come forth you know that summer is nigh. So you also when you shall see all these things know that it is nigh even at the doors”. And we are seeing these things. It may take a couple of years for the bishops to get their way but we are seeing the steam roller of events that will lead to the abomination of desolation, the official abrogation and suppression of the Holy Mass and we may see it in our day unfortunately.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

*By the way, if you want to read the Bible get a Douay-Rheims, the absolutely most authentic, best translation in the English language that there is, and why? Because when St. Jerome translated the Vulgate, translated all of the Bible into Latin – well actually he translated some in fixed-up translations that were already there but he was responsible for the Vulgate. The Vulgate became the official Bible of the Catholic Church, the only official Bible, the Biblia Vulgata of St. Jerome, and it remains so to this day. They haven’t gotten around to abrogating that one yet. They probably don’t even know what the Vulgate is and none of them knows Latin anyway so maybe we’re safe for a little while on that.  But if you want the absolute best, the Douay-Rheims is a direct translation of the Vulgate so therefore the best translation in English of the official Bible of the Catholic Church which is the only official Bible of anybody anywhere because the Bible is our book!

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