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Sermon for Low Sunday – April 19, 2020 by Monsignor Patrick Perez

In the Name of the Father, and of the Sun, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
Father began the sermon by reciting the Hail Mary
“Whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world; and this is the victory, which, overcometh the world, our faith”. My dear faithful, we are still in the midst of this strange situation and without getting into the particulars of it, because people are looking for certain answers in this situation. They are looking for causes and they’re looking for cures. Well, we do that in different ways; as for the causes there are immediate causes, there are more distant causes, approximate causes, remote causes, whatever you want to say, to whatever extent you believe that this virus is in itself the cause of our troubles, fine. But the problem is, it isn’t exactly itself the cause of our current situation. It is the reason for our current situation. You can’t deny that.
Now, we can get into a lot of different speculations as to why this is happening, the causes of this thing and these go anywhere from the ridiculous to the sublime. I want to start out with the ridiculous and that is the opinion of Pope Francis that the corona virus (by the way, I love the name corona virus – people want to call it the Chinese virus or Wuhan virus or so many other things, but corona is also the Latin word for rosary and I think in a way they are actually tied up together so I’ll call it corona virus just because it reminds me of the rosary, if nothing else to pray our rosary for the cause). Pope Francis said that this is mother earth having her revenge for global warming. Thank you Pope for your theological opinion. But it also goes to other things. There are people who speculate that it’s the New World Order people, the globalists, the communists in China and their minions such as the head of the World Health Organization and other communists and so forth. Whatever you want to say about that, actually they are closer to the truth those who speculate globalism and Communist China and things like that because I will tell you the actual cause which in itself contains the cure, that would be like custom baked for this video. Monsignor Perez has the cure for the coronavirus and I do but it’s not a drug or a compound or anything like that.
Let’s go back to 1917, the year of the Spanish flu and also towards the end of World War I. In Portugal Our Lady appeared in a little town called Fatima to three shepherd children and said many things which are the subject of other sermons, but one thing Our Lady said is “I will return to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, to be done by the pope and the bishops of the world”. She was going to return. Our Lord appeared to Sister Lucy in 1929, that’s when the consecration was asked for. But Our Lady said if this consecration is done as I have asked then Russia will convert – now that means convert to the Roman Catholic faith, of course – Russia will convert and there will be a period of peace. However, if the consecration is not done, lots of bad things are going to happen, wars, and so forth, and various nations will be annihilated. And in the end Our Lady said it would be done but it would be late and that the Holy Father had much to suffer. And the annihilation of nations and the suffering would be caused by Russia spreading its’ errors throughout the world.
Isn’t that what we’re seeing? Because if you believe it was Communist China or if you believe it was the New World Order people, the globalists, they are all communists and where does communism, atheistic communism  come from? The Russian Revolution, Lenin, Trotsky, all these people, these are the errors of Russia spreading throughout the world. And so ultimately this is one of the catastrophes prophesized by Our Lady. If this consecration were never done — and it has never been done – So one might ask, well, why hasn’t it be done? Some will say it has been done. Some will say, Look, Pope Pius XII he consecrated the peoples of Russia and Pope John Paul said they consecrated the whole world to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, when she let it be known herself it was not sufficient, that the consecration was to be done by the pope and the bishops of the world, and was to be specifically consecrating Russia to her Immaculate Heart. This has never been done.
So the thing is then, what was the cure for this and as a follow up to that, what can we do? Now I was a friend of Father Nicholas Gruner and he worked tirelessly to try to get the hierarchy of the Church to convince the pope to consecrate Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. They consistently refused. In fact, one of the minions in the Vatican of the current pope said to a visitor about Fatima, We will  Fatima. And I was thinking, Well, Fatima will bury you, you will not bury Fatima! It’s kind of like the graffiti, God is dead, signed Nietzsche, and then the other graffiti, Nietzsche is dead, signed God. Well, they will not bury Fatima and they had best listen to the request of the Immaculate Mother of God. You know, as I say, when the Mother of God appears to you and asks you to do something I think you had better do it. The problem is that the current pope nor apparently the bishops of the world believe that Our Lady actually appeared and asked for such a thing. They are modernists and they don’t believe in apparitions of any sort as we know them ourselves.
Now what can be done and what can we do? Well, Father Gruner, may God rest his soul, and the Fatima Center and others like this, we beat our head against the wall trying to get the pope and the bishops to do the consecration and they resist. And this is the thing about grace; prayers bring grace that if responded to will be the positive answer to your prayers. But people can always resist grace which is what has happened.
So what I suggest with this time we have here because it is undeniably a forced monasticism on a lot of people these days – what I would suggest are a couple of things. Now I know it’s not only my parishioners who will be watching this video. There are others who will be watching it as well of whatever persuasion and what I’m saying here is there are some things you have to do because the consecration has not been done and the pope and the bishops of the Church are complicit in the “not doing” of it. So what do you do or what can you do? Not only pray. You know St. Augustine said pray as if everything depended on God and work as if everything depended on you. Well, we do a lot of the praying part but here’s part of the work you can do. First of all, if you are part of the modern Church – that means you go to the local parish and they have the Mass in English or the other vernacular wherever you are, get out of there! That isn’t Catholic! How do I know it’s not Catholic? Well, what do they teach and what do they not teach? It’s also the same with celebrations of the traditional Latin Mass that come under the dioceses. Get out of there too because of what is not taught there and what is not said there.
You know I get phone calls during this situation and people say, well, I’d like to come to you for confession (somebody I never heard of from Adam) and they go — …Now are you under the diocese? I said, Heavens no! I wouldn’t be here if I were under the diocese, they would have gotten rid of me a long time ago and you wouldn’t even be able to go to Mass or Communion or anything. And they go, well, are you in communion with Rome – a big question that they’ve been trained to ask. And I said, well, what do you mean by that? I mean do you mean that I accept the constant teaching of the popes and the Church over the two-thousand year history of the Church? Well, of course I do. But if you mean do I do what it is that modern Rome does or would like for me to do, have I ordered a batch of pop up Pachamama idols to set up in my sanctuary and burn incense to and all these other – have I got my feather head dress and am I going to be claiming that mother earth is revolting against us with the corona virus, no I am not doing that but  I am in communion with the Rome that always was and one day when we have – if we ever have – a Catholic pope who is traditional I’ll be the first one on his doorstep.
In any case, the solution: So first of all, you have this time. There is a link on our website where this video is found and it links to a website where you can find free books to read online. Now, they have the English, they have the Spanish; the second tab of the English books to read for free has the Doctrinal Section in there. Read through The Doctrine of the Church. This is especially if you are a modern Catholic who is with the local bishop and in communion with Rome and all this kind of thing, especially you – learn what the doctrine of the Church is. Read these doctrinal books or one of these others and remember two things: one doctrine we have to keep in front of us is outside of the Catholic Church you cannot be saved. This is the standard belief in the Church. Now when is the last time you heard your bishop or priest (if he’s not traditional) or heard the pope say that? When is the last time you heard them say anything like that? But this is true. Outside of the Roman Catholic Church you cannot be saved; there is no salvation. So prime importance must be given to remaining Catholic and make sure that by belief or by physical presence you never leave the Catholic Church.
Secondly, then, you must know what it is that the Church teaches and has always taught because when you start reading the doctrines of the Church and the dogmas of the Church, remember that if you deny even one of them you cease to be a Catholic, you cease to be a Catholic by that very fact, therefore placing yourself out of salvation.
So the first thing is educate yourself on what it is you need to believe to remain Catholic and to be firmly within the Catholic Church. Secondly, I would say, write to the bishop, your bishop, and even write to the pope. You can do like they did fairly recently in their audience, when they were having audiences in Rome – when they start up again – get a group together and during the pope’s audience start a chant to consecrate Russia. I think that would be a great thing, get a hundred, maybe two hundred, get enough of you together to do something like that. Write to them and say, Why hasn’t this consecration been done? But more importantly, don’t give a red cent to these people. Do not support your local parish if they are with modernist Rome; do not support your local bishop. Do not support the pope. You know, every year there are collections for various things. There is one collection taken up by the dioceses called Peter’s Pence and they send all that money to Rome for the pope’s discretionary fund. Well, what has he been doing with it? He has been paying for and subsidizing Muslim immigrants into Italy to colonize Italy and take it over. That’s what he does with the money you send to Rome.
What do the bishops do with it? Spread the errors of Russia. Do they spend it to spread the Catholic faith? They do not. They use it to destroy the Church, so don’t give them a penny. Find a parish that is not part of the modernist structure. Find a Church that is a Catholic parish that celebrates the traditional form of the sacraments, all of the sacraments and that’s all they do. And bring your body and your money to them because otherwise if you say, well, I’m going to stay under the bishop, you are complicit in the situation we are suffering now. This is a chastisement. This is part of Russia spreading her errors throughout the world and this is just one of the waves – we’ve suffered several waves already. Vatican II you’ve heard so much about, is heretical; there are heresies in the documents of Vatican II.  That was one wave; this is another wave. Do you want to be part of it or do you want to be part of the cure, part of the remedy? So pray about it, write to them, stop giving them money, and educate yourself on the faith.
Now I was going to teach you an Irish saying – and this applies to the pope who thinks this was all caused by mother earth having a hissy fit because of global warming. The Irish have a saying; “He hasn’t a bull’s notion”. I think it’s pretty good actually. If you’ve ever seen a bull, their head is a little to the side and they go around growling (uurrrrrrh) and that’s pretty much all they do – they bump their heads against things and they growl (uurrrrrh). Okay, he hasn’t a bull’s notion. Now this applies not only to His Holiness and I use the term loosely, but also to the bishops. Which bishop is standing up to the pachamamas, which bishop is standing up (well, there are a couple, I have to be fair) but which bishop is insisting that the consecration of Russia be done? I haven’t heard any.
So my dear faithful, continue to ride out the storm in forced monasticism with much prayer, but also decide what part you have in this. If you have any part whatsoever get out of it, clear your conscience and your mind of connection to the people who are causing these problems and may God see us through this and continue to bless us to allow us to do what we do.
As for as next week I think we shall continue to have this Mass on the internet once more and after that we shall see what the Lord God gives for us.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Posted on April 22, 2020 at 2:41 pm

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