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Friday, February 26 2021

My Dear Faithful,

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Sermon for Easter Sunday – April 12, 2020 by Monsignor Patrick Perez

Monsignor Patrick Perez, April 12, 2020
Easter Sunday
Monsignor began the sermon by reciting the Hail Mary.
My dear faithful, just a couple of thoughts for today. We are in an unusual situation here and I’m sure you are all feeling it. But there are a few things here you need to keep before your eyes, see things with the eyes of the soul and not the eyes of the mass media; this is what you need most during these days.
One thing I’d like to say – people say, Well, things are very hard, we’re all having to stay home and do all these things, during this time and I need to give people hope. Yes, what I intend to give you is hope and I intend to give you hope literally and I’ll tell you what that means.
First of all because this is not about a virus, this is not about a virus. Do you think that an illness that is scarcely worse than the flu, (at least statistically it seems to be less deadly than the flu), is causing our entire economy to shut down and cause people to have to hold up in their homes, businesses to close and people to be out of work, if you think this is because of a virus you need to wake up. We are not warring against a virus; we are warring against the powers of darkness and these powers of darkness are trying to take from us our right to our religion, our right to assemble; they are trying to destroy our country, destroy us. Make no mistake about that; this isn’t about a virus.  You know, 60,000 people died last year by the flu, and did we shut down the economy or hunker down in our bunkers because of the flu? No! And this is not even as bad as that was. So, know what we’re dealing with.
Now how am I going to literally give you hope? Well, because our warring is not against a virus but against the powers of darkness. Remember that our hope is not in vaccines and things like that, or even remedies and cures for certain illnesses. That’s not where our hope is because that’s not real hope. Our hope is in what we are here about today. We are celebrating the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. And in that comes our hope, He is the object of our hope and the source of our hope. By His life, death and resurrection He paid to the Father the price of our iniquity and He made it possible for us to rise again to be with Him. Now this is where the hope comes from. We hope in His resurrection and we hope in our resurrection because of His resurrection. Christ suffered and died to give us the Catholic Church. That is why He suffered and died. He suffered and died to found the Church we belong to. And to this Church he entrusted the means of salvation to be distributed to people of the world freely for all time until the end of time. And that is where our hope comes from because hope is a virtue rooted in the sacraments. The sacrament of Baptism gives us sanctifying grace, the other sacraments increase sanctifying grace and with an increase of sanctifying grace comes an increase in the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity. And what is hope but none other than the virtue that allows us to believe firmly that if we follow the law of God, if we are obedient to the law of Christ and the laws of His Church, and we frequent the sacraments as part of our obedience to those laws, that we have the right to expect that we will rise again in glory with Our Lord. That is where our hope comes from, not from vaccines. In fact, if they ever do offer a vaccine for this you’re insane if you take it, backed by the globalists and Bill Gates and things like that, that would be insane if you took that vaccine if they ever do come up with one.
So again, our hope is not in that. Our Hope is in Christ. Now I am providing hope literally by providing the sacraments. We are going along with this thing as well as we can and will go along with it to the date they have stated, the end of April. We will do what we can; we will still give out the sacraments. The beginning of May, I don’t know, we haven’t made a decision about that. But please check our website for updates on what we will be doing. I’m not sure what we are even doing next week; it depends on how everything goes here. But watch for that. I will not have our people deprived of actual hope which is the virtue which comes from the state of sanctifying grace from receiving the sacraments frequently. I won’t have our faithful deprived of that because then they would have no real hope and we can’t have that. Christ does not want that and Christ will not permit that.
So my dear faithful, that is about what I want to say today; stay close to the sacraments as we can provide them.  Remember, a lot of people are afraid and a lot of people are afraid because they’ve lost their spiritual focus. Remember that if you are in the state of sanctifying grace you should be absolutely fearless. Not that you should be imprudent; you should always be prudent but you should be fearless. You should have braveness about you knowing that no one can touch your soul. Something or someone may kill your body but not your soul and you are strengthened by sanctifying grace through the sacraments. Keep that in mind. Remember also that the news media – the television, they are in business not to tell you the truth. They are hiding a lot of the truth from you. They are there to scare you and to keep you terrified, as they are agents of the people who are doing this to us right now and trying to take away our freedom of religion and our right to assemble. So if you watch the news you are asking for it. My counsel: don’t watch any of any news. You know maybe if you need to find out about street closures or something, turn on the news for the traffic report and the weather report. But if you watch the news you are asking to be terrified because that is what they’re doing; that is what they are all about is terrifying you, not to give you comfort and not to tell you the truth. So be very very cautious of what you listen to.
And beyond that, you know, don’t be terrified. I’ve no doubt that there is a virus going around and it is killing people. But, as is the flu and many other viruses every year, but we don’t stand around terrified and give up our sacraments and going to Mass because of them. So remember that! Don’t be terrified! If you’re in the state of grace nothing can touch your soul or take away your promise of eternal life which is what we are hoping for absolutely.
There are a couple of sayings: one is something my mother used to tell me all the time – Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. And you realize the inconsistency in that. One other is an Irish phrase that I like. The Irish are kind of good at their little phrases and that is, Uh-sure, you have to die from something! So if you’re prudent and you’re cautious and take all precautionary measures necessary to avoid this disease or any other disease and you happen to get it and even pass away, well just make sure that you call the priest and you pass away in the state of sanctifying grace. But don’t live your life terrified that you might get this invisible thing and die from it because we are all going to die eventually and we don’t let that destroy our lives in the meantime.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Posted on April 14, 2020 at 11:23 pm

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