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Monday April 6, 2020

Schedule for Holy Week and Easter Sunday

We have devised a way for the faithful to receive the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion during this most holy week of the year; a way which is in compliance with state and local directives during this difficult time. On Good Friday and Holy Saturday we will be hearing confessions at our Lady help of Christians between 1:00 and 3:00 PM. When you arrive at the church please follow the directions of the ushers who will be showing you where to park. They will also show you the way to the outdoor confessional, all the while maintaining the proper distancing. Please do not wait until the last minute to show up but we will be staying as long as there are confessions to be heard. On Easter Sunday we will be live streaming a Mass at 10:00 AM via the link on this website. Please do not expect to be admitted to the chapel for the Mass itself because that would result in a huge crowd. You may wish however to drive to the chapel and watch the streaming Mass in your car on your mobile device. At the end of the Mass, around 11 o’clock, Holy Communion will be distributed. Once again please follow the directions of the ushers. A couple or few people will be admitted at a time into the church to receive the Blessed Sacrament. Once people have received they can leave which will make room for more cars so that everybody doesn’t have to arrive at the same time. I will stay as long as there are communicants. If you have not mailed in your contributions to the parish you can bring them with you at that time and there will be a box in an obvious place to leave them in. Also if you come Friday or Saturday and would like to enroll people in the Easter novena they will be available as well. Please bear with us if things don’t go terribly smoothly this first time. We are still working out the bugs in the system. Be assured of our prayers during this holy time of the year and we ask for your continuing prayers as well.


God Bless You! Mary Keep You!
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Patrick J. Perez
511 N. Clementine St.
Anaheim, CA 92805
United States of America 🇺🇸
1-714-635-0510 (Primary Contact #. Leave Message!)

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Death Anniversaries:

January  Ruth Johnson, Edwin Altemeier, Dr. Anthony Leo McDermott, Joan Fedullo O’Neill, Sharon Condon, Mary Kaminski, Fr. Philip Bourret, David Shandley, Michael Soto, Carl Karcher, Warren Merboth, Dolores Netzel, Joseph Daniel Hubbard, Josefina Montoya, Helen Paige, Gertie Polinski, Arthur Garabedian, Connie Ridino, Francis Ignatius Rusinas

 February  Ich Tran, Soon Shu, Fr. Benedict Ashley, Eugene “Rick” Reyno, Sr. Mary Amata, Andy Tarby, Francisco Sanchez, Bob Haviken, Bill Ammann, Angela Heiner, Frances Ridino, Arnold De Clarke, Frank Brix Sr.

March  Mark Face, Alfred Krebsbach, Yvonne Marie Josephine Brown, Stan Nelson, Mrs. Soute, Tatsuko Mitani, Dorothy Cimino, Chia Mui Tiang (Margaret Heiner’s mother), Paul and Margaret Nemecek, Ernest W. Heinz, Everett Martinet, Fr. Daniel Johnson, Elizabeth Gorsich, Bob O’Connor, Helen Cherry, Tony Candella, Fran O’Mara, James Coco, Msgr. William Barry, Fr. Marcel Nault, Dale Kirn, Herbert Joseph Hammond, Joan Burke, Hazel Odash

April  Maxine Iddings, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, John Fedullo, Christina Cabourne, Ralph Fedullo, Helen Heinz, Marie O’Grady, Joseph Terry, Pope John Paul II, James Erpenbeck, Paula Yoder, Patrick Finley, Anne Mooney Kidd, Joseph Healy

May   James W. Carter, Mary Smith (Fr. Smith’s mother), Wayne Barrenger, Cecil Pryke, Merle Garland, Thomas Cecil Pryke, Richard Cappetta, Monica Fryzelka, Lorraine Vincent, Arthur Lindow, James Cwodzinski, Eli (Jerry) Kramer ’95 usher, Fr. DePauw, Margaret Agnes Abbot, Stella Kelly, Jerome (Harry) Mikulski, Leonid Kopelevich

June  Virginia Soto, Jack Perez, Beverly, Dolores Gonzalez Villanueva, Mrs. Hai Trung, John Brian Sweeney, Fr. Raymond Dunn, Josef Mostl, Yvonne Greenlee, Dorothy Cockings, John Sampo, Bernadette Heinz, William E. Martinet, John Raymond Heinz (Ray and Helen), Darwin Iddings, Mary Ayres

July Stanley C. Nelson, Harriet Willis, Susan Avila, Paul Lieb, Pauline Finley, Margaret Selway, Jane L. Re, Gladys Cordell, Cardinal McIntyre, Richard O. Goodwin, Doris Allison, Bill O’Grady, Leonard Paajanen, Mary Thomas, Ed Heffner, Ray Cwodzinski, Ann Hopkins, Joe Marquez, Ralph Piro

August Robert Kuhle, Anne McGinn Cillis, Guy Coulombe, Norina Roberts, James L. Nolan, Sr. Mary Grace Heiner, C.S.J., Bettie Borup, Connie Wyatt, Craig Schumacher, Dan McGuire Baur, Yvonne Stalder, Violet Berthelot, Joe Ardizzone Sr., Thomas Healy

September  Fr. Schell, Francis Galambos, Fr. LeBlanc, Fr. Daniel Joly, Archangela Fedullo, James and Jimmie O’Mara, Sgt. Tyler N. Holtz, Leo Anthony Garland, Paul K. Fisher, Ricardo Gomez Atotubo Sr., Fr. John Peek, Douglas Prescott, James T. Massie, Audrey Washicko, James Massey, Ron Gagne, Mike Davies, Cpl. Tyler Pinchot, Mrs. Ich Tran, Eugene Kaminski, Herbert Finley, Kevin W Kenehan,

October  Dr. Alfred Graves, Armand Charest, Baby Arianna, Gary Lofgren, Lewis Lauriello, Fred Nazareno, Joseph Johnson, Lupe Orozco, David Bower, Fr. Gallagher, Sophie Cwodzinski, Dr. Bruce Odou, Blake C. LaMont, James Washicko, Tex Greenlee, Olive Enright, Bruce Ginther, Lee Glenn, Thomas Lopker, Ann Christofano, Michael Abbadessa

November  John Prescott, Greg Schneider, Walter Pilat, Fr. James Wathem, Dr. Adrian Ubl, Bud Charters, Evaline Hammond, Rocine Murphy, Phil Arnold, Elva Becker, Jacqueline Cruz, George Washicko, David Neff

December  Debra Selway, Antonius Tony” van der Putten, Lucia Rose Bonello, Margie Schrantz, Tom Padberg, Fr. Truong Buu Diep, Anne Michuta, Bernadette Lipps, Carl J. Heinz, Fr. Harry Marchosky, Harry Cwodzinski, Lawrence Heiner, Irene Ehret, Emile Goubert, Bernadette Lipps, Fr. Victor Soroka

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