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From that last place, which was some hours south of

Tiberias, Peter went with the other Apostles, the disci-

ples, and many of the people westward to an elevated

region which had on the north an extraordinarily fertile

valley. Even in the depth of winter, it was covered with

beautiful, tall grass, for there was a brook running

through it; but in hot weather it was parched. Sometimes

the whole valley was inundated by the rains that flowed

down the mountains in streams. Up on this plateau they

came to a hill, around which lay houses with gardens

behind them extending up its sides. The hill was not

much higher than the houses themselves. Five pathways

planted with hedges and trees ran up the hill, whose sum-

mit afforded ample space for about a hundred people to

walk about freely. From it the view extended far around

the country and over the Galilean sea. It was a very

beautiful prospect. At no great distance arose the moun-

tain of the multiplication of the loaves, and it was in this

region that Jesus delivered His Sermon on the Mount.

The well of Capharnaum was at the base of this elevated

plateau. The rest of the Apostles, many of the disciples, and

all the holy women were here, besides the Mother of God

and Veronica. Peter’s wife and daughter, the wives of

Andrew and Matthew were come down from Bethsaida,

along with many others. The Apostles and disciples knew

that they were all to meet here. They scattered around,

some under sheds, some in the open air. Peter related to the

Apostles and the women the miraculous draught of fishes,

and then went with them up the mountain, upon which the

people had already been ranged by some of the disciples.

There was on it a hollow place in whose center stood a

teacher’s pillar overgrown with moss. One could mount

into it as into a pulpit. The hollow in which the pillar

stood was furnished with steps in tiers, so that the

numerous audience could see over one another. Peter

placed five Apostles on the five several pathways that led

up the mountain, and they taught the people, because all

could not hear him, on account of the crowd. He himself

stood on the pillar in the center, the Apostles, disciples,

and many of the people around him, and published the

Passion, the Resurrection, the apparitions of the Lord,

and the obligation of following Him.

And now I saw Jesus approaching by the same route

that Peter had come. He went up the mountain. The holy

women, who were standing on one of the paths, pros-

trated before Him, and He spoke to them as He passed.

As, resplendent with light, He stepped in through the

crowd, many shuddered and became alarmed. These did

not remain faithful. Then Jesus went to the pillar on

which Peter w r as standing. Peter resigned his place and

took up a position opposite Jesus, who now addressed the

multitude. He spoke of abandoning one’s relatives, of

following Him, and of the persecution that they would

have to endure. About two hundred of His hearers with-

drew when they heard Him talking of such things. All

these were gone away, said Jesus. He had spoken to them

mildly in order not to scandalize the weak. He uttered

some very grave words upon the sufferings and persecu-

tion of those that would follow Him upon earth, and He

alluded to their eternal reward. He addressed these

remarks to the Apostles and disciples, as He had once

before done in His last instruction in the Temple. He told

them that they should at first remain in Jerusalem, When

He should have sent them the Spirit, they should baptize

in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the

Holy Ghost, and should at once establish a Community.

Then He told them how they should disperse, form dis-

tant Communities, meet together once more, again sepa-

rate for far-off countries, and receive at last the Baptism

of blood.

While Jesus was speaking, the spirits of the ancient

Patriarchs encircled the whole assembly, though invisi-

bly. Jesus vanished. His disappearance was like a light

suddenly extinguished in their midst. Many fell prostrate

on their face. Peter again taught and prayed. This was

Jesus’ principal apparition in Galilee, where He taught

and gave proof to all of His Resurrection. The other ap-

paritions were more secret.

Peter, Thaddeus, Andrew, and James the Less, I saw

after that in another place, where they healed many sick

whom lately in the region of Sichar they could not cure.

Their fault was that, wishing to imitate the great dignity

and reserve of Jesus in His demeanor, they did something

extraordinary, they assumed an air of importance. They

did not give humbly what they had received, but they gave

it as coming from themselves, therefore success was not

theirs. But now I saw them (and the sight touched me

greatly) humbling themselves, kneeling down by the sick,

and begging their pardon for failing to assist them. The

sick were all cured. There were people even from Cedar

among them. The cured went with the Apostles to Beth-

ania for the Sabbath.


Fr. Stephen, o.f.m.

Posted on April 9, 2018 at 5:57 pm

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