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Ceremonies of Holy Week – Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday marks the beginning of the Easter Tridium and is one of the most important commemorations of the liturgical year. Christ, in preparation for His Passion, shares the Pasch with His disciples. In so doing, Our Lord institutes the three pillars of the Catholic Church: the Hierarchy, the Mass and the Eucharist. On the very night that Our Lord shares this divinely instituted meal with His Apostles, the traitor Judas goes forth to trade his Master for thirty pieces of silver. The Passion is drawing nigh, for now the Son of Man is taken captive and shall be delivered up as an expiation for all the sins of man. *
The following guide for Maundy Thursday is taken from The Liturgical Year by Dom Prosper Guéranger. Hyperlinks are shown in blue to provide the music that ideally accompanies the ceremonies. burbtn.gif - 43 Bytes Matins The Pater Noster, Ave, and Credo are said in secret, then the first Nocturn begins. First Nocturn An Antiphon is sung before and after each of the Psalms. After each Psalm one of the fifteen candles is extinguished. The Psalms for Maundy Thursday are said in the following order: Antiphon: Zelus domus... 1st Psalm: Psalm 68 Ant. Zelus domus... Ant. Avertantur retrorsum... 2nd Psalm: Psalm 69 Ant. Avertantur retrorsum... Ant. Deus meus, eripe... 3rd Psalm: Psalm 70 Ant. Deus meus, eripe... Versicle symbol. Avertantur retrorsum, et erubescant. Response symbol. Qui cogitant mihi mals. Here the Pater Noster is said in secret. The following Lessons are taken from the Lamentations of Jeremiah and derive their names from the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. First Lesson Aleph. Beth. Ghimel. Daleth. He. Response symbol. In Monte Oliveti... Versicle symbol. Vigilate, et orate... • Spiritus quidem... Second Lesson Vau. Zain. Heth. Teth. Response symbol. Tristis est anima... • Vos fugam... Versicle symbol. Ecce appropinquat... • Vos fugam... Third Lesson Jod. Caph. Lamed. Mem. Nun Response symbol. Ecce vidimus eum... • Cujus livore... Versicle symbol. Vere languores... • Cujus livore... Response symbol. Ecce vidimus eum... Second Nocturn Ant. Liberavit Dominus... 4th Psalm: Psalm 71 Ant. Liberavit Dominus... Ant. Cogitaverunt impii... 5th Psalm: Psalm 72 Ant. Cogitaverunt impii... Ant. Exsurge, Domine... 6th Psalm: Psalm 73 Ant. Exsurge, Domine... Response symbol. Deus meus... Versicle symbol. Et de manu... Fourth Lesson Response symbol. Amicus Meus Versicle symbol. Bonum erat ei... • Infelix praetermisit... Fifth Lesson Response symbol. Judas Mercator Pessimus Versicle symbol.Melius illi erat... • Denariorum numero... Sixth Lesson Response symbol.Unus ex Discipulis Versicle symbol. Qui intingit mecum • Melius illi erat... Response symbol.Unus ex Discipulis Third Nocturn Ant. Dixi iniquis... 7th Psalm: Psalm 74 Ant. Dixi iniquis... Ant.Terra tremuit... 8th Psalm: Psalm 75 Ant.Terra tremuit... Ant. In die tribulationis... 9th Psalm: Psalm 76 Ant. In die tribulationis... Versicle symbol. Exsurge, Domine. Response symbol. Et judica causam meam. The Pater Noster is said in secret. Seventh Lesson De Epistola prima Beati Pauli Apostoli ad Corinthios... Response symbol. Eram Quasi Agnus Versicle symbol. Omnes inimici mei... Eighth Lesson Ego enim accepi... Response symbol. Una Hora Non Potuistis Vigilare Mecum Versicle symbol. Quid dormitis? Surgite... Ninth Lesson Itaque quicumque... Response symbol. Seniores Populi Versicle symbol. Colligerunt pontifices... Response symbol. Seniores Populi Lauds Ant. Justificeris, Domine... 1st Psalm: Psalm 50: Miserere Mei Deus Ant. Justificeris, Domine... Ant. Dominus tamquam... 2nd Psalm: Paslm 89 Ant. Dominus tamquam... Ant. Contritum est cormeum... 3rd Psalm: Psalm 85 Ant. Contritum est cormeum... Ant. Exhortatus es... Canticle of Moses (Exod. XV.) Ant. Exhortatus es... Ant. Oblatus est quia... Psalm 146 Ant. Oblatus est quia... Versicle symbol. Homo pacis meae... Response symbol. Qui edebat panes... Ant. Traditor autem... Canticle of Zachary At this point the six altar candles are extinguished, leaving only a single lit candle Ant. Traditor autem... Versicle symbol. Christus factus est... The Pater Noster is said in secret. The choir sings Miserere in a suppressed voice while the first in dignity says the following prayer: Respice, quaesumus, Domine... Then in secret: Qui tecum vivit et... The Choir recites the Antiphon and the remaining lit candle is hidden behind the altar. At this point a harsh noise is made using a wooden implement called a matraca until the lit candle is brought back from behind the altar, showing by its light that the office of Tenebrae is over. Traditionally the reconciliation of penitents was done at this time, followed by the blessing of the holy oils, but these ceremonies are no longer widely observed. The Mass of Maundy Thursday uses white vestments, and two hosts are consecrated. One consecrated Host is used for the Priest, while the other is saved for Good Friday. Good Friday permits no consecration, so the Host must be preserved from the day before. The Mass of Maundy Thursday Introit: Nos autem gloriari... Collect: Deus, a quo et Judas... Epistle: Lectio Epistolae beati Pauli Apostoli ad Corinthios... (I. Chap. xi.) Gradual: Christus factus est... Versicle symbol. Propter quod et Deus... Gospel: Sequentia sancti Evangelii secundum Joannem (Ch. xiii) Offertory: Dextera Domini fecit... Secret: Ipse tibi, quesumus... Communion: Dominus Jesus postquam... Postcommunion: Refecti vitalibus alimentis... As soon as the Mass is over a procession takes place to bring the remaining consercrated Host to its resting place. There the body of Our Lord will await Good Friday and be open to supplication by the faithful. During the procession the choir sings the well known hymn written by St. Thomas Aquinas: Pange Lingua Gloriosi Corporis Mysterium. Upon reaching his destination, the priest places the chalice upon the altar and censes the Sacred Host. After short prayers in silence, the choirs returns to the choir loft and Vespers are begun. Vespers The Pater Noster and Ave are said in secret. Ant. Calicen salutaris... 1st Psalm: Psalm 115 Ant. Calicen salutaris... Ant. Cum his qui... 2nd Psalm: Psalm 119 Ant. Cum his qui... Ant. Ab hominibus... 3rd Psalm: Psalm 139 Ant. Ab hominibus... Ant. Custodi me a... 4th Psalm: Psalm Ant. Custodi me a... Ant. Considerabam ad deteram... 5th Psalm: Psalm 141 Ant. Considerabam ad deteram... Ant. Ciebabtuvs autem... Magnificat Ant. Ciebabtuvs autem... Versicle symbol. Christus factus est... The Pater Noster is said in secret and the Miserere is recited in a suppressed voice, followed by a prayer. This marks the end of Vespers. The Stripping of the Altars As soon as Vespers are over, the altar is stripped of its cloths and ornaments and left barren to denote the suspension of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The altar is left in this state until Our Lord is risen again. Ant. Diviserunt sibi... Psalm 21 Ant. Diviserunt sibi... The Washing of the Feet The Washing of the Feet, known also as the Mandatum, is traditionally done at this time by the Pope who would wash the feet of thirteen priests in imitation of Our Lord washing the feet of the Apostles. Washing the feet of the poor is an act of humility and charity that was once widespread in Christendom, but has since largely fallen into disuse. The celebrant takes off his cope, girds himself with a towel, and washes the feet of those chosen for this ceremony. He kisses the right foot of each while the choir sings the following antiphons. Ant. Mandatum novum... Ant. Postquam serrexit.. Ant. Dominus Jesus... Ant. Domine, tu mihi... Ant. Si ego Dominus... Ant. In hoc cognoscent... Ant. Maneant in vobis... Ant. Benedicta sit... Canticle Ubi charitas, et amor... Versicle symbol. Congregavit nos in unum Christi amor. Versicle symbol. Exsultemus, et in ipsoe... Versicle symbol. Timeamus et amemus... Versicle symbol. Et ex corde... Ubi charitas, et amor... Versicle symbol. Simul ergo cum... Versicle symbol. Ne nose mente... Versicle symbol. Cessent jurgia maligna... Versicle symbol. Et in medio nostri... Ubi charitas, et amor... Versicle symbol. Simul quoque cum... Versicle symbol. Glorianter, vultum tuum... Versicle symbol. Gaudium, quod et... Versicle symbol. Saecula per infinita... The celebrant resumes his cope and concludes the ceremony with the Lord's Prayer. Pater Noster... (The rest of the prayer is said in silence until...) Versicle symbol. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem. Response symbol. Sed libera nos a malo. Versicle symbol. Tu mandasti... Response symbol. Custodiri nimis. Versicle symbol. Tu lavasti pedes... Response symbol. Opera manuum tuarum... Versicle symbol. Domine, exaudi... Response symbol. Et clamor meus... Versicle symbol. Dominus vobiscum. Response symbol. Et cum spiritu tuo. Oremus. Adesto, Domino quaesumus...

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